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It is important to understand the booking terms when you choose to book female companionship with Secret Sun Escort London. We have a number of stunning London escort girls within our agency, and you may want to book with any number of them.

In order to book, you will need to call our agency, which operates 24/7. You can choose the girl or receive a recommendation from our staff. At the time of booking, we will also take down credit card information. This is only to hold your booking. You will pay in cash when is the girl arrives – and payment is to be made first.

All of our escorts have private transportation and they are permitted to go down and leave the money with their driver for safekeeping. Please allow for this to happen.
All currency is in Great British Pounds. We have clients from all over the globe, and we understand if you wish to pay in another currency. Please let us know what currency you would like to pay in and we will establish the exchange rate.

Should you need to cancel, we ask for as much advance notice as possible, at least 48 hours. If you cancel within an hour of the escort arriving or you are a no show, your credit card is subject to be charged the full amount. This is to ensure that the girl is compensated for her time.

All of the rates posted on our website are subject to change. To ensure you know how much the rate is for a specific girl, we recommend calling in advance. Discounts may also be available if you choose an overnight stay or longer periods of time.

The rates that you pay for companionship does not guarantee any specific services. What the two of you do is based upon mutual consent. If you desire more times than what you originally booked, we ask that you call us in order to extend time. This is done to ensure that she has the necessary availability.

If you have questions about booking prior to her arrival, we recommend that you call so that we can answer them. You may also request a phone call with the escort that you have booked with and we will be happy to arrange this.
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