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When you go with a London escort agency, it is important to know about what you are going to get.

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When we began on the physical stuff, London Escort killed the lights in the room, and we through the television over to the Seedy station, I think, as we both enjoyed The Fifth Element. At any rate, through the session, we experienced a few unique positions, and with this specific brand of condoms, I can go for a considerable length of time without wrapping up. So we experience teacher, doggy, and enjoy a reprieve. We do cowgirl, mish, enjoy a reprieve. At the same time, London Escort is doing her darnedest to ensure I'm having a decent time. Towards the end of our time together, she begins hinting that she's truly inquisitive to see me complete, and has me get on the edge of the bed for the most forceful hand work I've ever gotten. The sensation had me multiplied over, and I blasted onto London Escort's mid-section. She was eased that I got to consummation, and I was eased that she comprehended that she was a stunning supplier, yet a few condoms simply transform me into a marathon manual taking all things together, I had an awesome time with her, and would rehash. Discussion with her is truly grounded, and she's more open to verbalizing her considerations on my execution and offers a controlling hand to satisfying her, which is reviving.
by Totus, from Croydon | Written on 2016-10-12
I'd been tailing her when Angelina was passing by IMIĘ, yet never had the nerve to call her. Her promotion vanished for a moment and when I saw that Angelina was back, I squandered no time and summoned her privilege. Her place was anything but difficult to discover and stopping was not an issue. Utilizing the run of the mill 2 call framework, When I hummed her Angelina let me know where to go. Angelina let me know that Angelina cleared out the entryway opened and that I ought to simply stroll in without thumping. Her primary passage was genuinely dull, however when I made it to her kitchen, I couldn't trust my eyes. Remaining before me was a holy messenger, totally dazzling in each conceivable way. Her photos truly don't do her equity, since Angelina is, in actuality, a lot more wonderful in individual. If that wasn't already enough, Angelina was wearing hot underwear, ribbon leggings and high heeled thigh high boots, per my solicitation. Angelina gave me an embrace, a delicate kiss and afterward offered me a beverage. Her incall was perfect and inviting. Angelina then drove me to the room where we talked and became acquainted with each other for a tiny bit and after that some light kissing. I continued advising her how delightful Angelina was and I think Angelina was genuinely complimented (however I'm certain Angelina hears that constantly). We nestled and touched each other for more and afterward Angelina instructed me to disrobe.
by Arti, from Slough | Written on 2016-08-01
These girls have been absolutely phenomenal and I wouldn’t trade my experiences for anything in the world.
by Jonathan, from North London | Written on 2015-10-02
I keep coming back to this agency because the girls are gorgeous and the agents take good care of me.
by Phillip, from Canary Wharf | Written on 2015-08-18
The rates are affordable, which is a shock based upon just how sexy all of these girls are.
by Mike, from Edinburgh | Written on 2015-05-11
I’m so impressed by Secret Sun Escort London and I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to have fun in London with girls who are hotter than they should be!
by Byron, from Southampton | Written on 2015-01-13
I have been booking escorts through this London agency for several business trip. Each time, it seems as though the girls get better and better looking. They are fun to be around, and know how to please.
by David, from Frankfurt | Written on 2014-11-16